Change of Plans Hospital Unmedicated Induction

We welcomed Charles into the world July 18 at 0151. He has been such a blessing and amazing addition to our family. 

I had my 38 week appointment on July 16. Our midwife was not certain baby was head down so she sent me for a position ultrasound. I was able to get in that day. Of course when they were doing it they started doing a full physical profile. When baby wasn’t cooperating, I was asked to go walk around. Our midwife told us she only wanted position, so I refused the rest of the test (I didn’t want to know how big the head was!). However, the radiologist came in and said that there was very little amniotic fluid and asked me to finish the test, which I did. He called our midwife to tell her. I spoke with her over the phone, in the car, trying to be okay with the sudden change of plans. I called David to let him know what was going on and to meet me at home. As we drove to the hospital we did laugh that we should have wrote a birth plan, since we were with a midwife they knew what we wanted so we didn’t write anything down. Oops

Our care was transferred to an OB and we went to the Alex to get a non stress test and to be induced. We listened to “Birthing Day Affirmations” on our way to the hospital and once we were admitted David read me the “change of plans” script. The residents came in and spoke with us, talking about induction. Throughout our stay we used the phrase “what will happen if we don’t” which allowed us to be okay with all the decisions we made. They proposed cervidil and I was adamant that I wanted the foley first. I used hypnosis while they put the foley in and barely felt it at all. We were told we could leave and come back when it fell out or for a non stress test in the am. 

I had some cramping around 0100 and was able to use my “peace cue” to get through them. The foley fell out about 0830 the next morning. We went to the hospital and they started the Oxytocin, I was 4 cm dilated and having regular pressure waves but they were not doing very much. Throughout our stay David advocated for me and instructed all the nurses to not ask about pain (I would let them know if I needed anything) and that I was using Hypnobabies. They overall were very receptive. 

Around 1900 our nurse suggested they break my water. We talked with our midwife and she agreed. They did that about 2000, I was still 4 cm. After that things progressed, I was able to use my hypnosis and “relax cue”. David was an amazing support. I highly recommend the labour aid (birthing drink) was great! I listened to the same track over and over. 

Around midnight they checked me again and I was 7 cm. Our midwife also came in for support and to be the health care provider for the baby. At this point I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it, since it took 4 hours to get to 7 cm. And I still had another three to go,  thinking it was going to be another 4 hours. However with the help of David, hypnosis and our midwife I carried on using many positions. But with the Oxytocin, the pressure waves were coming fast and consistently that he was not able to recover and his heart rate was low. They checked me again and I was 9.5 cm so they were getting the room ready to push, as well as NICU was there. We were hoping for a quiet, dark room water birth however all the lights were on, I was on my back and was told I needed to get out of hypnosis and listen to them cause the baby needed to be out now. David was getting the pushing script ready and was told no because of the situation. I pushed with the contraction, following their commands, as his safety was the biggest concern and I really didn’t want a c-section. I pushed for 20 mins and he made his arrival. We were grateful our midwife was there as she was able to advocate for skin to skin right after birth and delayed cord clamping. He latched on withing 30 minutes. 

It was a roller coaster, but totally worth it. Hypnobabies allowed us to be okay with the changes and to do an induced birth unmedicated.