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Have you tried to lose weight before with fad diets or unrealistic food restrictions, only to find that they are too hard to stick with and you gain all the weight back, and more?  Our hypnosis weight loss program is different!  It offers permanent and lasting results.  Through hypnosis, you will feel drawn to healthier foods, feel satisfied with eating less and have natural aversions to less healthy junk foods and sweets.

You’ll find that your moods, confidence and self-esteem will increase, helping you to avoid emotional eating.

With our weight management program, you will also be motivated to find fun and creative ways to move your body and increase your fitness (at a rate that works for you and your body).  You will begin to look at exercise in a different way and find easy ways to fit it into your life.

Along with your customized hypnosis sessions, your program is supplemented with various home audio tracks (at no extra cost) to support you on your weight loss journey.

Most of our weight loss programs are backed by a written service guarantee.

*Results may vary*

I was suffering with low self-esteem, extreme bloating, low energy and exhaustion. Hypnosis has allowed me to lose 45 lbs, increase my water intake, have an exercise regime which I now love, and ensure I am nourishing my body with wholesome, nutritious food. I also have more energy, I’m sleeping better and have a better quality of life.