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Multi-Channel Eye Movement
Integration (MEMI)

This service can be used on its own or in addition to hypnosis. It is an eye-movement therapy that can help desensitize memories associated with past trauma and help a person heal and move forward without traumatic memories negatively impacting them. This therapy is very safe in that a person does not need to talk about the details related to the traumatic experience or re-live it in any way. In fact, it can be done effectively without any content shared. It usually only takes one session and the changes are permanent.

I experienced a traumatic flight 8 years ago and was barely able to get on a single flight (within the last 8 years). I had frequent nightmares and my thoughts were often consumed by my fear of flying. As a result, this has held me back from many experiences and opportunities to travel. I tried Multi-Channel Eye Movement Integration (MEMI) at Edmonton Hypnosis Solutions and have significantly felt my stress around flying decrease, and my overall perspective has definitely shifted. During the hour-long session I felt a gradual decrease in emotional and physical reaction and less of an ability to recall the event, concluding the session feeling very calm and level. Since then, I’ve found I’m thinking about flying far less, and when I do, I feel less anxious and more focused on the destination I will be travelling to, rather than the travel itself. I’m very excited to take my next flight and see how the changes will impact my experience!

~Drew Macaulay

Prior to making the choice to pursue Hypnosis, my past was full of years of trauma; physical and sexual abuse. This trauma has been with me from a very young girl and as I grew up and became an adult; it continued to impact my everyday life. Having such heavy baggage lingering added extra stress and a multitude of other health issues, insecurities and fluctuating weight gain over the years.

While working with Ricky to determine the best option to attack my ongoing issue, she offered to do the MEMI method for the trauma issue that I had been facing. Obstructed from years of physical and sexual abuse, I was willing to be open to anything that could potentially help me move on from such trauma. We worked on each trauma separately using this method. When we were working our way through the thoughts, feelings and the emotions attached to these events, it felt as if layer by layer, I could relocate the very thoughts that smothered me over the years. 
Over the session and through this process, the thoughts shifted and worked their way to an area in my mind that not only detached the emotion associated with the thoughts, but placed them in a section of my mind that no longer was at the forefront of my present thoughts. When the session concluded the feeling was not only a wow moment but also a feeling of emotional freedom, which I have not felt ever in my life.

Over the years I have done the typical therapy and it has been very positive and I have come a long way. However, with the traditional way of therapy it seems to take longer to sift through the trauma. This method took one session for me for physical and one session for sexual abuse that I have had been dealing with for over 35 years. MEMI changed the entire way I see the images and my reactions to them. I can say that in this moment, when I think about it, or I am faced with a trigger that in the past would send me in a tailspin; it no longer affects me the way it did in the past. 

I can see the difference in myself on a daily basis. I am happier and no longer focused on fighting these thoughts. My family members also notice that I do not focus on it. I am no longer triggered. The mind is a very powerful tool and with guidance, it is amazing what we can accomplish.

I would recommend this to anyone that has been battling things that have altered their perspective on life. It is very freeing and can give you back a big part of yourself, the part that someone else impacted and you had no choice but to live with it. But with this method and process and some work; you get to choose yourself and take away anything that was in your path so you can move forward.

~Laura C.~